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Thiết bị (Module) in phủ bảo an Laminator CL-600 cho máy in thẻ nhựa DNP CX-D80


Thiết bị (Module) in phủ bảo an Laminator CL-600 cho máy in thẻ nhựa DNP CX-D80

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Thiết bị (Module) in phủ bảo an Laminator CL-600 cho máy in thẻ nhựa DNP CX-D80

Thiết bị (Module) in phủ bảo an Laminator CL-600 cho máy in thẻ nhựa DNP CX-D80

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Innovative dual-sided lamination with fast and easy handlingt
RoHS Compliant

“Must”for ID card secure
ID card security now demands far more than ever before: from image quality with heightened durability standards to advanced counterfeit protection.

The DNP CL-600 Laminator offers the right answer with real flexibility. Along with DNP’s legendary quality at the fastest speed, your card is as unique as your customized media and able to stand up against both overt and covert counterfeiting techniques. In addition to the existent single-sided model, we are proud to offer a dual-sided model which can laminate both sides of your card simultaneously.

The CL-600 connects with the CX-D80 by infrared communication without the use of a single cable! In line with our CX-D80, all configurations are controlled and managed by PC; a truly user-friendly experience.

Product features
・Single side (CL-600S) and Double side (CL-600D)
・Simultaneous dual lamination with two cartridges (CL-600D)
・Improved function of patch-positioning adjustment in every direction
・Easy installation with CX-D80 by infrared communication
・Electronic (front door), and Kensinghton locks installed
・In accordance with application, various types of laminating media is available
・Customised hologram design with security features can be provided
・Smart body & design suitable for every location
・Intellectual Status Monitor Program to see the laminator status
Front-door open

Ideal application
・Employee and student ID, Driver License, National ID, and any card that needs high security

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*Download Technical Data Sheet of Laminate media (pdf)

CL-600 Spec
Laminating method Thermal roller transfer
Laminating side Single sided (CL-600S), Double sided (CL-600D)
Laminating speed 16 - 36 sec per card : single, and double sided
Connection Infrared communication with CX-D80
Temperature config 90℃ - 180℃ (adjustable on 5℃ basis)
Speed config 3 mm/s - 12 mm/s (adjustable on 0.5 mm/s basis)
Dimension W210 x D333 x H360 (mm)
Weight CL-600S: 8.5kg CL-600D: 9.5kg
Power Supply Maximum 3A (100 to 120V), Maximum 1.5A (220 to 240V)
Operating Environment 15℃~30℃, 35%~70% non condensing humidity
Laminating media 1.0/0.6mil patch, 1.0/0.6mil smart card patch, overlay foil
(Clear or holographic selectable for all the media)
*Due to policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to alter details of specification and equipment without notice

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